Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How to do Effective Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for all the business which have website to get higher ranking in search engine result pages.
Basic SEO means find different strategic process to increase traffic to your site. Here are few tips for increasing website traffic and visitors.

  •   Research of keyword for your website.

Keywords are very important. Search low competition keywords, which are related to your business. Your keywords should have low competition in SEO as we as it also should have higher number of average monthly searches. Target this words and also add this to your website so search engine can find your website. Long tail keywords are more specific than short keyword so search for long tail keywords. 

  • Write unique content

Content writing is very important in SEO. Every search engine likes unique and specific content. So, do not copy your content from anywhere. After writing content check it with different Plagiarism checking tool to know if its unique or not. Use your keywords in your content so it helps in increasing its rank on search result.

  • Write Meta data properly

Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords are Meta data and this is also very important. Use your keywords in your website title and description. It will appear in search engine result page.

  • Build good quality backlinks

Build relevant backlinks for your site. It is better to have few good quality back links than so many of irrelevant low quality backlink. Keep this in your mind while building links for your site.

  • Be Patient

You do not get result for your SEO process overnight. It is like weight loss process. You cannot reduce weight in one night, so like this SEO process will also take time to reach in first position in search engine result page. Be patient while doing SEO for your site.

  • Add sitemap

Sitemap will help search engine spider to crawl your webpage and index them.  It helps spider to understand your site structure, so spider can find all-important pages easily.

  •   Website URL

Make your website URL SEO friendly and try to use your targeted keywords in your URL.

  •   Add alt Attributes

Try to use your keywords or related words in all the image alt tag. It will help search engine to find your site.

  •   Robots.txt
            Your robots.txt doesn’t block your webpage from being indexed; it does not let to crawl your webpage. If you want to crawl only important webpage than use this.